Laminate Flooring Water Damage: Brief Overview

Brief Overview

Technically the laminate flooring is regarded as the resistant to the spills. In case the water spills on the laminate floor and is wiped right away then it will suffer no damages, but in case the seams get saturated then the flooring will swell, in this case, it is important to replace the piece. The easy steps to replace the water damaged piece laminate flooring are as follows;
  1. Shoe Molding: The first step is to remove the shoe molding that covers or overlaps the water damaged area.
  2. Remove: Now the next step is to remove the affected floor pieces without damaging the others.
  3. Clean: The user needs to clean the subfloor to remove any kind of the dust and debris.
  4. Apply The Glue: Once the floor is cleaned then apply the glue to the new piece according to the manufacturer's instruction because different manufacturer have different ways of applying the glue.
  5. Tongue And Groove: Now the next step is to line up the groove and tongue from both the sides and carefully tap the edges of the new piece. However, the friction will be increased as more of the edges will contact each other.
  6. Protect The New Piece: In order to protect the new piece from the tapping damage, use the scraqp from the old piece as tapping block.
  7. Cuts: In case the cuts are needed then it is very important to pay the attention to the orientation of groove and tongue.
  8. Expansion Gap: In order to provide the expansion gap, it is very important to cut the plank on the wall side at 1 or 2 inches shorter, after that reinstall threshold and shoe molding.
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