Laminate Flooring Separating: Easy Steps To Repair Seams & Joints

General Overview

The separating or gaps in the laminate flooring are mainly caused either by the high traffic on the floor or by the prolonged use. The best is that this gap or separates can be easily fixed without the need to remove the entire floor. The thing that needs to be taken into the account is that if the gaps are not filled at a proper time it will result in the separating the entire plank from the other planks and that could be problematic to fix.

How To Repair Separating Laminate Flooring

The main steps to fix the separating laminate flooring are as follows.
  1. Heavy Furniture: Lift all the heavy furniture from the floor to make the space free in order to perform task finely.
  2. Gluing: The application of the laminate glue on the edges covering both tongue and groove is required. Once the glue is applied keep the separating planks together in order to create the proper bond.
  3. Clean Up: The extras glue needs to be removed in between both boards and allow the glue to dry for 24 hours till the gaps are filled.

Ways To Fix Seams/Joints In Laminate Flooring

The different ways to fix the gap in seams if found in laminate flooring are as follows.
  1. Remove The Baseboard: The baseboard needs to be removed nearby the seams carefully without damaging it with the help of the crowbar.
  2. Unlock: The board installed nearby the wall needs to be removed and unlocked. Keep the boards removing to locate the malfunctioning seams.
  3. Examine: The locking pattern of the malfunctioning seams needs to be analyzed fully.
  4. Remove Dirt: All dirt and debris built up from beneath the laminate subfloor need to be removed and also check the alignment of boards if that is proper or not. If the boards are not aligned together fix it.
  5. Gluing: Remove the old glue from the gaps with a putty knife to apply the new glue over it. Allow the glue to dry completely and remove the excess glue in with the help of the putty knife.
  6. Sanding: All the locking mechanism needs to be sanded finely. Once the sanding is done use the tack cloth to wipe off the entire residue.
  7. Re-attach The Boards: Re-attach the board back to its position and check if the seams are filled or not.
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