Laminate Flooring Installation Tips: Simple Tips To Install

Simple Tips To Install Laminate Flooring

In order to install laminate flooring, the user simply needs to follow certain tips which are given below:
  1. Remove Tongue: The first tip in Installing the Laminate Flooring is to get rid of the tongue. Check each plank before starting the installation process. For the first row along the straight walls, carefully remove the tongue from all sides of the Laminate Flooring plank with the help of the table saw.
  2. Trace And Cut: In case of the uneven walls simply trace the contour with the help of the compass, but trace from the tongue side of the plank then cut with the help of the jigsaw.
  3. First Row: Now Assemble the first row but keep the tongue side away from the wall. Here the important tip is to insert the end tongue into the end groove. The other important tip is to keep the joints closed and planks aligned.
  4. Expansion: One of the important tips is to keep the expansion from all the sides with the help of the wood spacers.
  5. Assemble Second Row: For the second row simply insert the tongue of the second-row Laminate plank into the groove of the first-rows plank but at a slight angle so that the laminate edges meet.
  6. Alternative Method: The other method is to align the tongue into the grooves of the long and short sides of the plank. First, install the long side by placing tapping from both ends. Until the joint is closely tight tap lightly from the long side.
  7. Check For Gap: Now Check for the gaps, after the joint is closed there should be 3/8" gap from the wall for the expansion.
  8. Sealant: Now the last tip is to apply the flexible sealant that will create a watertight seal.
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