Laminate Flooring Feels Bouncy: Easy Steps To Fix

General Overview

Laminate flooring is also known as floating wood tile. The inner layer of laminate flooring is made up of fiberboard materials and melamine resin. The laminate flooring is a type of multi-layer synthetic flooring. Laminate flooring simulates stone, wood or other natural material with a photographic applique layer. The bouncy layer may appear on the laminate flooring because of the damaged subflooring and may need to replace the laminate flooring.

Steps To Minimize Bouncy Laminate

  1. Preparation: This is the first step to fix the bouncy laminate. Prepare the concrete subflooring, and remove any type of debris, dust, small stones from the concrete subflooring for a flat or perfect surface for installing laminate flooring. Level the subfloor by placing leveler at various points on subflooring to make sure that the surface is constant or flat. If there is any obvious slants on the subflooring then fix it with small amount of concrete.
  2. Underlayment: Underlayment or plywood can help to lock subflooring easily. Extra layers (underlayment and plywood) help between final floor and subfloor to create the slight cushion, which has been missed when preparing the concrete floor.
  3. Perpendicular Beams: The user needs to install a beam (perpendicular) at 90 degree angle to the joist. Joist will lift the laminate floor above to minimize the bouncy layer. Apply 2 posts at the endpoints of the beam (perpendicular), like flush at wall.
  4. Parallel Beams: This is an another option to fix the bouncy layer. Attach beams in parallel to the joists with the long parallel beam. Nail the beams to give them more strength and will support the subfloor above.
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