Laminate Floor Swelling: Steps To Repair Buckled Laminate Flooring

Steps to Repair Buckled Laminate Flooring

The users can easily Repair the Buckled Laminate Flooring by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Gather All The Tools And Materials: The users need to start by gathering all the tools and materials that they require while performing this procedure like Hammer, flooring pieces, Screwdriver, Spacers, and Repair kit as well.
  2. Detach The Molding: They have to use the hammer and the screwdriver to detach all the Molding from the ground area of the room. The users are advised to place the removed Moldings at a safe place as they have to attach it back.
  3. Replace The Spacers: After that, they have to detach the spacers as well that are fixed between the flooring planks and the wall accordingly. The users are advised to install the small-sized spacers to free more area so that the flooring planks can easily expand. Apply the gentle pressure on the buckled area and if the buckled area does not come back in its original position then use smaller sized spacers until the flooring plank won't come back to its original position.
  4. Reattach The Molding: Once the Buckled laminated planks appear to be in its originals shape then re-attach the saved Molding all around the below corners of the wall by using the hammer and the nails respectively.
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