Laminate Floor Feels Spongy: 5 Steps To Fix

General Overview

There can be a number of the reasons behind that cause the spongy laminate floors. Few of the reasons include uneven subfloors, improper installation. Alternatively, this kind of flooring issue can also be caused by the changes in temperature as well as improper underlayments as well. Fortunately, there are the methods to fix this issue yourself identifying the problem such as by filling the laminate gaps, etc.

Steps To Fix Spongy Laminate Floors

Various steps to fix the spongy laminate floors are mentioned below.
  1. Loose Subfloor: If the spongy floor is caused by the loose subfloor than it simply means that the subfloor is not properly attached at the joists. The issue can be fixed by securing the joists using 2" screw decks. Keep the distance of 8 inches from the subfloor.
  2. Filling Gaps: In case of the linoleum floor of the joists are accessible than using the crawl space insert the floor adhesive in the same. Keep the heavyweight on the floor and let the adhesive dry for the 48 hours.
  3. Overextending: The joists sans that are installed and have overextended space can also cause the spongy while walking. Ensure to consult the professional prior to getting engaged to fix this flooring of own. The problem can be fixed by following the "sistering" tactic. The sistering is the technique where new joists are cut and attached to the old joists to enhance their stability.
  4. Floor Trusses: If the problem is with the Floor Trusses and they seems bouncy than there is no alternative to fix them. It is not recommended to make any changes in the Floor Trusses of your own as that will void the warranty. Alternatively, the best way is to consult the Floor Trusses engineer in order to solve the problem.
  5. Delamination: This means that there is a problem with the glue that holds the floors securely. This issue cannot be fixed and calls for the replacement of the entire floor.
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