Laminate Floor Bubbling At Seams: Steps To Eliminate

The laminate flooring is also known as floating wood tile. The laminate flooring gives a perfect look to the home. The life of the laminate floor is good and maintenance is not so expensive, so the user can easily afford this. The main reason for bubbling on the laminate floor is water.

Steps And Items Needed To Fix Bubbling

Here are the easy steps and items needed to remove bubbling from the laminate floor. Just follow the given steps carefully:


  • Hammer.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Laminate flooring.


  1. Check The Floor: The first step to fix bubbling from the laminate floor is to check the floor first. Check the area of the laminate floor.
  2. Remove The Wall Molding: The user needs to remove the wall molding first before heading to the process. Use a hammer or a screwdriver to remove wall molding carefully because the wall molding gets damaged easily.
  3. Remove Floorboards: The user needs to remove the floorboards which are affected by bubbling. Lift the floorboards easily by hand but if the flooring is glued then remove the planks by prying them up.
  4. Replace The Damaged Laminate Flooring: To avoid uneven look from the floor use the same color or material to replace the damaged floor planks otherwise it will look ugly.
  5. Put The Floorboards Back: After the user have replaced the damaged laminate flooring, now put the floorboards back on the floor.
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