Kitchen Cabinet Alternatives: 7 Best Alternatives For Kitchen Cabinets

7 Best Alternatives For Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen storage space is a very important necessity, no matter how the design trend is. Good thing is that the kitchen can still look stylish as well as functional even if there is no space for the kitchen cabinets. Check out the below-mentioned kitchen cabinet alternatives for the storage and the space-saving solutions:

1. Hutch

The old hutch is regarded as one of the cabinet alternatives as it is a very versatile piece of the furniture, and when it is used in the kitchen, as an alternative to the cabinets, it will give plenty of storage. Hutches are unexpected and, they can create a very beautiful look in the kitchen. The user can either store the items or even tuck them in a drawer or simply behind a door. Whether the user wants an antique hutch or the one that is more modern, the user can easily find a piece that will match the style as well as with the decor of the rest of the home.

2. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to showcase the dishes that users have collected. In general, open shelving is very less expensive than the traditional cabinets, which is the best option if the budget is tight. They will help to make the cooking convenient, as everything that is needed will be accessible easily. Open shelving is also a great way to showcase the creative side in the kitchen.

3. Vintage Lockers

The vintage lockers is another option that will help to add a cool industrial appearance to the kitchen. It is easy to lock the vintage lockers if the user wants to make sure that certain things, such as sugary treats or alcohol, aren’t accessible all of the time. Besides this, they also offer plenty of different shelves, which makes it very helpful to separate the items while storing them so that they can be easily found without having to look here and there. The metal lockers are also easy to clean and the user need not to worry about stains or damages caused by bits of food.

4. Shelving With Baskets

In this option, the user can easily pullout a basket to take out the exact item that they want so they don’t have to dig through items that are stuffed on a shelf. Baskets are very attractive as well as can be updated whenever the user wants to change the look of the kitchen without having to paint the walls or replacing the countertop. It totally depends on the type of basket used, the user may be able to rinse it, so they don’t have to worry about the dust or stain.

5. Bar With Hanging Storage

This option looks very great in a home with less space and is useful to showcase the items that are used in the kitchen. Depending on the type of material that bar is made from, the user can create a stunning look as well as also add warmth to the kitchen. If worried about how long the bar must be, then the user can have custom made so that it will fit the length as well as the width of the kitchen. It is very easy to add or to remove hooks from the bar as this way the user will have the right amount of the storage for all of the hanging items.

6. Suspended Shelves

The suspended shelves have a very stunning look that is sure to take attention as it hangs from the ceiling. The user can get the beauty of suspended or open shelves without worrying about attaching them to the walls. It is ideal for the homes in which the walls are not of high quality or are made from plaster. It creates an industrial look in the kitchen that can help to improve the appearance of the home.

7. Bookcase

This is regarded as the best option for the user who is looking for kitchen storage and has not a large budget, as it is very easy to find bookcases in a different variety of prices, the users can easily update the bookcase if they want to change the stain of paint. They are versatile, which will allow the user to use a combination of the baskets, buckets. Because the bookcases are easily available in a variety of sizes it is easy to find one that will fit the space. Smaller bookcases can be easily mounted onto the wall if the user wants to save as much space as possible.
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