Kiln Dried Wood Advantages: Pros And Cons

The kiln wood is mostly used for burning in homes and shops in the winter season. besides that the wood furniture can also be made by kiln-dried wood. The kiln made wood furniture is easy to clean by natural cleaning substance like vinegar. The kiln is durable, the life span of the kiln wood made furniture is up to 20-25 years if cared properly.

Advantages Of Kiln Dried Wood

Here are the Advantages/Pros of kiln-dried wood:
  1. Time: The kiln wood needs a short period of time to dry completely.
  2. Moisture: The moisture situation of kiln can be controlled by drying process of kiln wood.
  3. Defects: The chances of defects in wood are less in kiln dried wood.
  4. Protect: The kiln dried wood gives protection from fungal problem.
  5. Weight: The kiln dried wood make the furniture light weighted and easy to move and carry the furniture.

Disadvantages Of Kiln Dried Wood

Here are the Disadvantages/Cons of kiln-dried wood:
  1. Color: The kiln dried wood comes in dark colors only, sometimes the user didn't prefer that.
  2. Cost: It is an expensive than the other wood and this is one of the main con of kiln wood.
  3. Shrink: Chances of shrinkage are also there during the drying process of kiln wood.
  4. Risks: There are the higher risk of turning wood during the drying process of kiln wood.
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