Jonathan Adler Furniture UK: Sofa, Chair

Jonathan Adler Sofa UK

  1. Bacharach Sofa: It is very comfortable with stainless steel metal frame legs. This type of sofa is constructed of material Lido Reef velvet upholstery, 100% cotton. It is bench type with 3 reversible seat cushions. It can be cleaned with Professional cleaning recommendations.
  2. Lampert Sofa: This type of sofa is having Solid oak finish base with water-based wood finish stain. It is composed of fiber padding materials comprised of 100% recycled. It is having two bolsters and It is Benchmade in the UK. The total dimensions are 216 cm W, 86.4 cm D, 81.3 cm H.

Jonathan Adler Chairs UK

  1. Goldfinger Lounge Chair: The chair base is constructed of Upholstered in Rialto Navy velvet with Polished stainless steel with brass finish legs.
  2. HAINES CHAIR: Blue in colour having curved back with side button detailing slopes into the embrace of low-slung arms.
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