Jelutong Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Jelutong Wood

The scientific name of jelutong is Dyera costulata. Here are the Pros and Cons of jelutong wood:


  1. Grain/Texture: Grain of the jelutong is usually straight, or interlocked With a medium to fine texture and have good natural luster.
  2. Color: The original color of jelutong wood is yellowish (brown) color with age.
  3. Workability:: The work process with jelutong wood is easy because of it's low density. The user can use any type of tool on jelutong wood like hand tool and electric machine. The jelutong wood is easy to cut.
  4. LifeSpan: The lifespan of jelutong wood is up to 80-90 years if cared properly.


  1. Allergies/Toxicity: Some of the users may face skin irritation allergic problem. The user may feel itching on hands. Wear safety gloves to work with jelutong wood.
  2. Pricing/Availability: The jelutong wood is not available in north side of america. The tree of jelutong has been overharvested in some areas. The jelutong wood is available in medium price.
  3. Rot Resistance: It is not so durable and reported as non-rot resistance wood. The chances of insect and termites are also there.
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