Jarrah Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

General Overview

The Jerrah wood is a type of the redwood and belongs to the species of the Eucalyptus Marginata. The Jarrah Wood tree usually grows in the large to medium-sized trees and the leaves of this tree are usually midvein and extremely long. Australia is one of the prime distributors of the Jarrah Wood throughout the world. The Jerrah wood is having the dense nature and that is why it is used in crafting the furnishing items, kitchen cabinets, and luxury flooring as well.

Jarrah Wood Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Jarrah Wood:


  1. Appearance: The Jerrah Wood is usually available in the light red colour and the dark brown colour. The wood grain of the Jerrah wood is naturally interlocked and that is why the Jerrah wood is having its rare colour
  2. Durability: It is extremely durable and The Jerrah wood is having the natural resistance towards all type of decay, mildew and termites and that is why it can be used in the humid areas of the home like kitchen areas.
  3. Water Resistant: The other pros is that it is water-resistant and that is why it is used in making the furnishing items for the outdoor areas as it can withstand any harsh climate.


  1. Expensive: The Jerrah wood is quite expensive because of its is distributed from Australia throughout the world.
  2. Toxicity: During the Manufacturing process the dust of the Jerrah wood can cause the eye and the skin allergies in human beings.
  3. Limited Availability: Unless like other wood materials the Jerrah wood is not available in many colour finishes and style variations.
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