Installing Wide Plank Pine Flooring: Easy Steps To Install

Easy Steps To Install Wide Planks

The wood flooring is in trend nowadays due to the fact that the lifespan of wood flooring is great and is also pet-friendly. The pinewood flooring look awesome on the floor but the pine flooring comes in wide planks also which are not easy to install on the floor at all. But to make it simple for the user, here are some simple steps to install the wide planks of pine flooring. Just follow the given steps carefully and achieve the better results:
  1. Pry Up The Floor: The first step to install the wide planks is to remove the floor covering or underlayment to start a fresh installing of new flooring.
  2. Door Jambs: Now cut the extra door jambs with hand jack carefully because if there are any extra door jambs then installing the pine floor will be tough.
  3. Mark: Mark the joist location with chalk lines and measure size of the floor.
  4. Cut Boards: Now cut the boards of pine flooring according to the taken size with circular saw machine. Cut the board from backside.
  5. Hand Nail: Install the first board and hand nail it to keep the pine board in accurate location.
  6. Power Stapler: Use the power stapler to nail one pine board to another and use the light hammer to fix the gap between it.
  7. Notch The Boards: Notch the board with the help of jigsaw according to the size of the door jambs and fix the pine board there with hammer.
  8. Rout Grooves: Use the slot cutting bit to rout the edges of the notched board.
  9. Final Board: Install the final board of the pine flooring in the corners.
  10. Nail: Now nail the corners of pine flooring.
  11. Oil Finish: Apply a thick coat of oil finish with the paint roller and dry the first coat for 15 minutes then apply a thin coat of oil finish.
  12. Wipe: After applying and drying the oil finish now wipe out all the oil finish from the pine flooring.
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