Installing Vinyl Tile Over Linoleum: Steps To Install

Steps To Install Vinyl Tile Over Linoleum

The users need to follow the below-given steps to install the vinyl tile over the linoleum:
  1. Gather All Material And Tools: The first step is to collect all the material and tools that are needed for installing the vinyl tiles over the linoleum like a trowel, vinyl tile cutter, cleaning supplies, floor roller, and vinyl tile adhesive.
  2. Inspect The Linoleum: Next step is to check the linoleum and if it is loose at corners and has missing areas then fix the linoleum by repairing it.
  3. Clean The Linoleum: Now clean dirt and debris particles from the linoleum surface and remove the wax residue from the linoleum so that the vinyl tile makes a bond with the linoleum without any interference. Then leave the floor to dry properly.
  4. Lay Out Vinyl Tiles: Next step is to place the vinyl tiles on the top portion of the linoleum. This will help to determine where to cut the vinyl tiles. Place the first vinyl tile in the middle of the wall and then place other tiles out each other. This allows the user to hide cuts at the edges and corners.
  5. Cut The Tiles: Take a vinyl tile cutter and cut the tiles so that the old linoleum is covered fully with the vinyl tiles.
  6. Spread Vinyl Tile Adhesive: Next step is to take a trowel and spread the adhesive on the old linoleum. Then lay the tiles at the appropriate position according to the layout and wait for about 24 hours and let the adhesive dry.
  7. Roll Floor: The last step is to take a floor roller and roll it on the vinyl tile floor surface. This will help the vinyl tiles to make a proper bond with the linoleum.
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