Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Linoleum: Easy Steps To Install

Steps to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank is a type of flooring that has an appearance similar to the real wood. The flooring has properties like waterproof, durable, flexible, and affordable. Besides that, vinyl plank flooring can be installed over the existing flooring as it doesn't require specific underlayment. It is necessary to clean all the debris and make the necessary repairs in the existing flooring before installing vinyl plank flooring over it. The steps to install vinyl plank flooring over linoleum are as follows;
  1. Clean The Existing Flooring: Before installation, it is necessary to clean all the dust, dirt, and debris from the existing flooring. First, the user needs to mop the entire flooring followed by a wipe down with water, and household cleaner. It has been recommended to let the flooring dry for 24 hours before proceeding forward.
  2. Check Floor Dimensions: After that, the user needs to check the floor dimensions in order to see if it is possible to start from the longest wall and work in rows. The plank width can be used to determine the termination strip at the end of the starting row whether it will be cut in an ugly little sliver piece or in a large enough cut.
  3. Layout Adjustment: If the termination strip of the starting row will be cut in an ugly silver piece, the user needs to adjust the layout by cutting the starting plank that will eventually increase the size of the termination strip. After that, the user needs to measure the width of the entire row starting from the wall including the termination strip. It has been recommended to mark the floor with a pencil at both the opposite ends and snap a chalk line between marks to create a parallel chalk line with the wall.
  4. Cut Starting Strip: The next step will be to cut the starting strip by using a utility knife. It is necessary to snap a chalk line across the plank length in order to guide the knife blade. It has been recommended to cut the waste side of the plank so that the self-adhesive side will be placed facing into the room.
  5. Installation: After that, the user needs to start the installation process. It has been recommended to install the cut strip with the wall as per chalk line guidance. Besides that, the user needs to place the strip over the flooring and remove the adhesive's paper covering on each end. The step will help the adjacent vinyl plank piece adhere to it easily. Once the installation process reaches the end of the row, it is necessary to cut the termination strip as per correct width by using a utility knife and the square can be used to cut the piece in a 90-degree angle.
  6. Repeat The Process: Once the first row of vinyl plank flooring is installed, the user needs to repeat the process to the adjacent rows. During the process, it is necessary to peel away the protective paper from the adhesive strips before pressing the planks at a place. The metal roller can be used to further push the planks together along the way until the installation gets complete.
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