Installing Vinyl Flooring Over Old Vinyl: Steps

Steps For Installing Vinyl Flooring over Old Vinyl

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily install the Vinyl Flooring over the Old Vinyl:
  1. Clean The Floor: The customers need to start cleaning the floor by using the water, cleaner, and the mop. Customers need to remove all the dust and the debris particles from the old vinyl floor before installing the new vinyl planks. They then need to let the floor dry completely for near about 24 hours.
  2. Calculate The Size Of The Old Floor: The customers need to analyze the size dimensions of the old vinyl floor in order to check if they can easily begin with the complete full strip of the vinyl plank simultaneously with the lengthy wall and then directly operate row by row. The customers need to Use the diameter of the vinyl planks in order to find out that the end strip is large enough or not to trim it.
  3. Arrange The Vinyl Planks: The Customers then need to arrange the vinyl planks and if necessary they can add the cut simultaneously with their starting position and thus it will increase the diameter of the ended strip. The customers then need to calculate the size dimensions from the starting wall and then need to draw the mark on the vinyl floor by using the pencil on the reversed edges of the starting wall. They then need to draw the sharp line within the two marked points on the vinyl floor that will give the parallel line to the customers by their starting wall.
  4. Cut The First Strips: The customers then need to trim the first strips of the vinyl flooring to the exact size dimensions by using a utility knife. The customers then need to draw the sharp line all around the vinyl planking in order to trim the strips according to the exact length. They then need to trim the scraped side of the vinyl planking so that they can use the adhesive material on the corner of the room.
  5. Fix The Trimmed Strip: The customers need to fix the trimmed vinyl strip opposite to the wall and they can follow the chalk lines as their manual in order to maintain the edge in a straight level. The customers then need to lay down the vinyl strip on the top of the floor and then detach all back covering of the planks. The moment when the customers will reach to the last row they need to plank to the accurate width by using the knife.
  6. Install The Vinyl Planks: The customers then need to Install the trimmed vinyl planks to the first row of the floor. They need to carefully place the vinyl planks on to the top of adhesive strips on the floor accordingly.
  7. Repeat The Same Process: The customers then need to repeat the same procedure while installing the vinyl planks in each row. They can also Use the metal roller in order to push the installed vinyl planks simultaneously.
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