Installing Prefinished Hardwood Floors: Steps To Install

Steps To Install Prefinished Hardwood Floors

The user needs to follow the below-given steps in order to install the prefinished hardwood floors:
  1. Purchase The Hardwood:
    The first step will be to purchase the prefinished hardwood flooring as per the user preference. The user needs to measure the length and breadth of the room and multiply them together in order to get an idea about how much hardwood is required for the process. If the user wants to install prefinished hardwood flooring to several rooms at a time, then he needs to calculate the area of each room and make a purchase of hardwood flooring accordingly.
  2. Store Hardwood Flooring:
    After that, the user needs to store the purchased hardwood flooring in a room of installation for about 2 weeks. The step will give the purchased hardwood flooring a chance to expand as per the room temperature and humidity. The amount of expansion time can vary if the user is living in a dry environment and the purchased hardwood flooring was stored in a warehouse properly. In the mentioned scenario, the hardwood flooring will expand within a few days.
  3. Remove Old Flooring:
    The next step will be to get down to the subfloor by removing the old flooring above it. The step will prevent the user from having different flooring levels across the area of installation. The user needs to remove as many tacks, nails, etc. as possible during the step.
  4. Snap A Chalk Line:
    After that, the user needs to snap a chalk line across the subfloor by measuring the distance of the one-floor board starting from the wall that includes 1/8 to 1/4 inch expansion room. A thin wood material or a lauan scrap piece can be used against the wall to act as a spacer.
  5. Start Installation:
    After that, the installation process should begin starting from the longest and most straight wall of the room. It has been recommended by the experts to begin the installation with the straight and longest flooring board followed by using the first few boards pretty straight. The step prevents the flooring from looking slanted or crooked across the room.
  6. Use Nails:
    There are two ways to use nails on flooring boards i.e. the user can either angle nail the first few rows of installed flooring with face nail by using finish nails or the user can face nail first few rows of the installed flooring by using a finish nail gun or electric brad nail gun. The nailing step will keep first few rows of the flooring board pretty straight where the wall was preventing the use of floor nail gun.
  7. Eliminate Imperfect Pieces:
    In order to eliminate the imperfect pieces, the user needs to lay the flooring boards in several rows. The user needs to stagger the boards randomly as per their shade and it has been recommended by the experts to end the staggering boards 4-6" or more than that in between adjacent rows. The flooring boards having large knots and defects can be used along the wall at less conspicuous areas.
  8. Use Floor Nail Gun:
    After that, it has been recommended to use a floor nail gun at places with enough space. The user needs to leave 8-10 inch space between each nail or use 2-5 nails on each board. The user needs not to nail the flooring board less than 2" from either end.
  9. Check The Work Continuously:
    The user needs to check his work continuously making sure each flooring board ends at least 4-6" from the ends of the previous row flooring boards. The user needs to continue with a floor nail gun until he reaches the opposite end of the floor where he has to face nail the remaining rows. In order to undercut trim pieces, use a jamb saw.
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