Installing Plank Flooring Without Tongue Groove: Best Way To Install

Best Way To Install Plank Flooring Without Tongue Groove

The best and the easy way to install the Plank Flooring Without Tongue Groove are as follows:
  1. Acclimatize: The first step is to spread the wooden flooring planks in the room and leave it for almost 2 weeks. This process will help the Plank Flooring to adjust to the room’s temperature and humidity and therefore will decrease the amount of expansion after installation.
  2. Moisture Barrier: The next step is to remove the wood from the area. After that lay a moisture barrier subfloor, that is very helpful in keeping the moisture away from the flooring planks.
  3. Joists: The next step is to locate the joists with the help of the stud finder. In order to indicate the end joist of the flooring, simply mark the opposite of the walls with the chalk.
  4. Cut: Now with the help of the table saw cut the one length of hardwood according to the size.
  5. Nail Punch: Now with the help of the nail punch sink 2 nails around 1/8 below the flooring plank, Sink the nails across the ends, the plank should be fixed 1 inch from the wall.
  6. Chalkline: In order to indicate every joist simply mark a chalk line across the floor. Along with every flooring, joists fix 2 to 3 nails across the flooring planks.
  7. Wood Glue: The next step is to mix the bets quality wood glue that dries clear, forms a thick paste by mixing the sawdust from cutting the planks. Now fill the nail holes with the mixture having the wood filler of the matching color, allow the filler to dry completely.
  8. Sanding: Once the wood filler is completely dried, then sand the floor with the help of the sander machine, then vacuum and wipe the floor. Allow it to completely dry.
  9. Seal: The last important step is to seal the floor with the best quality oil finish.
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