Installing Pine Flooring: Steps To Install

Steps To Install Pine Flooring

Pine flooring adds a warm glow to the decoration of the home. The material required to install the pine flooring includes Table saw, Chalk line, Rosin paper, Tape measure, Chop saw, staple gun, galvanized steel nails, paint roller, sandpaper, Claw hammer, paper, floor orbital sander, etc. The steps are given below for installing the pine flooring:
  1. Purchase Materials: The first step is to measure the dimensions of the floor and purchase the pine boards from the dealer according to the required color and texture.
  2. Prepare The Room: Next step is to prepare the room in which the pine flooring is to be installed. Take away baseboards from the room and mark a line on the center of the floor with chalk at a right angle. Pine boards are attached with the joists in a perpendicular direction.
  3. Lay The Boards From The Center Outward: Now the customer needs to determine the number of boards required for the floor. This can be done by simply placing the pine boards on the floor without connecting them with the joists.
  4. Cut The Planks: The customer needs to cut the planks according to the size dimensions of the room and trim the planks at the edges.
  5. Lay Rosin Paper On Top Of The Subfloor: Beneath the planks rosin paper is placed so as to prevent the subfloor from moisture and squeaks. A joist chalk line is marked on the rosin paper from both the sides at the center axis so that the planks remain in a straight line.
  6. Start Installing Your Pine Floor: Start placing the pine planks on the chalk line and secure them by using nails. The thicker end of the planks should be at the center of the floor joist.
  7. Sand The Floor: Take sandpaper and make the surface of the pine floor smooth and clean the floor surface by sweeping or vacuuming.
  8. Apply Sealant: Take a roller and smoothly apply sealant strokes on the floor surface. Then wait for 6 hours so that the first coat dries. Apply another layer of sealant and allow the sealant on the floor to dry for about a day.
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