Installing Laminate Flooring On Stairs: Steps To Install

Steps To Install Laminate

Laminate flooring is the best and cheap way to give a new and bold look to the floor and stairs. Installing the laminate flooring is not an easy work but here are some of the easy steps in order to install the laminate flooring within a few hours. Just follow the given steps carefully for best results.

Step 1: Preparing Your Flooring

  1. Choose: The first step to start the work is to choose the laminate according that will suit best on the stairs. This can be installed anywhere on wood items. Laminate on stairs maybe slippery so be aware of it.
  2. Acclimate: The Laminate flooring need time to get adjust on the surface according to the temperature and humidity of working area.
  3. Remove: If there are any old carpets or wallpaper on the stairs, then remove it with the metal scraper.
  4. Cut: Now cut laminate into pieces according to the size of the wood stairs.

Step 2: Installing The Laminate

  1. Start: The easiest way to apply laminate on wood stairs is to Start the work from the top of the wood stairs to down stairs.
  2. Install: Now install laminate according to the size and start gluing the wood glue on the corners of laminate. After applying the glue wipe them with damp cloth.
  3. Stair Nosing: Stair nosing use to cover the edges of wood stairs. Now apply the nosing on the edges and corners on the wood stairs.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

  1. Screw Holes: Fill screw holes and for this purpose use putty knife and put it into the holes.
  2. Clean The Stairs: Now clean the stairs after finishing the work. Just use a wet cloth to clean the stairs.
  3. Dry: After applying and cleaning the laminate, let the stairs dry for maximum 24 hours.
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