Installing Laminate Flooring In Bathroom: How To Install

The laminate flooring is also called the floating wood tile mostly in the united states. It is actually a multilayer synthetic flooring that is compressed together with the lamination process.

How To Install Laminate Flooring In Bathroom?

Steps to install the laminate flooring in the bathroom are as follows:
  1. Remove Tongue: Before going for the installation process, inspect each laminate plank, from the long side joints and short side remove the tongue, simply by using a saw table.
  2. Trace And Cut: If in any case, the side walls are uneven then with the help of the compass trace the contour on the tongue side of the plank.
  3. First Row: Now carefully assemble the first row, but remember to keep the tongue side away from the wall, the end tongue should be inserted to the end groove, then rotate to assemble.
  4. Expansion: It is very important to provide the space for the expansion with the help of the wood spacers.
  5. Second Row: Assemble the second row, simply insert the tongue of the second-row plank in the groove of the first-row plank. Assemble the planks in a way that the joints are closed tightly.
  6. Gap: Now check for the gaps with the help of the measurement tap.
  7. Last Row: Install the last row and after the last row is installed then remove all the spacers.
  8. Sealant: The important part of the installation process is sealant that creates a water barrier, Use the 100-percent silicone sealant and apply to all the spaces to create a watertight seal.
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