Installing Floating Laminate Flooring: How To Install

How to Install the Floating Laminate Flooring?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily Install The Floating Laminate Flooring:
  1. Gather All The Tools and the Materials: The customers need to start by collecting all the materials and the tools they require while performing this procedure and for that, they need spacers, utility knife, measuring tape, saw, hammer, chisel, tape, foam underlayment, cardboard, and wood glue.
  2. Preparing The Room: The customers need to start by removing the old floorings from the top surface of the Flooring. They then need to detach all the baseboards from the walls by using the pry bar. The customers also need to scrap a small portion of the foam underlayment and then use the vacuum to remove all the dust and the debris particles respectively.
  3. Place The Underlayment: The customers then need to install the Underlayment on the flooring and the customers need to trim the underlayment at the edges by using the utility knife. The customers should avoid the overlapping of the underlayment at the corners and the edges of the floor. The customers then need to affix the underlayment to the floor by using the duct tape accordingly.
  4. Trim The Laminate Planks: The customers then need to measure the actual size dimensions of the floor by using the measuring tape and then trim the new laminate planks as per the taken measurements.
  5. Install The Laminate Planks: The customers need to place a half inch spacer to the opposite side of the longest wall and next to the other walls of the room as well. The customers then need to lay the face side of the laminate planks opposite to the wall spacers and when the customers will affix the end of the laminate planks then they need to apply the small amount of the wood glue to the planks so that they won't slide here and there. They then need to lay the laminate planks in the first row opposite to the spacers. The customers then need to trim the last laminate plank of the first row in order to make it fit perfectly by using the round saw.
  6. Place The laminate Planks In The Second Row: The customers then need to start placing the Laminate plank in the second row by laying all the Laminate pieces altogether. They then need to place the Laminate planks to the rest of the area of the floor by repeating the same procedure.
  7. Install The Shoe Molding: The customers finally need to allow the floor to dry completely before walking over it. Once the floor is completely dried the customers then need to detach the spacers from the wall and then affix the shoe molding to the walls of the room by using the brad nails only.
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