Install Engineered Hardwood On Concrete: Steps To Install

Engineered hardwood flooring is one of the best flooring options. It is easy to install the engineered hardwood on the concrete subfloor but it is a time-consuming process. Installing the hardwood on subfloor provides a beautiful look to the concrete subfloor.

Steps To Install Engineered Hardwood On Concrete

The steps are given below to install engineered hardwood on concrete:
  1. Gather All Tools And Material: The first step is to collect all the material and tools that are needed for installing engineered hardwood on concrete-like proper wood adhesive, buckets, moisture meter, combination square, hammer or rubber mallet, pull bar, tapping block, trowel, tape, and saw.
  2. Assess The Subfloor: Next step is to evaluate the condition of the concrete subfloor on which the engineered hardwood is to be installed. Some hardwood floors may contain moisture so the users need to check the moisture level with the help of moisture meter. For uneven concrete subfloor surfaces, the users need to level the subfloor surface with floor patch.
  3. Pull The Baseboards Or Quarter Round: Then use a pull bar and take the quarter round off, and allow expansion gap from the outside of the floor.
  4. Spread The Adhesive: Now the next step is to spread the adhesive on the concrete subfloor. Adhesive can be spread on the subfloor with the help of a trowel.
  5. Lay The Boards: Now place the boards on the concrete subfloor starting from the corner of the room. Lay the boards on the glue and press the board down with some force. Then place another board on the top surface of the glued board and lock them with each other, make sure that the boards stick with one another. In the same manner, lay the boards in the whole row and on the remaining subfloor surface and use a saw to cut the boards so that the boards fit properly on the concrete floor surface.
  6. Keep Boards Together: After the installation of the few rows, use tape to put the boards together and place the buckets full of water on the boards. The weight of the water helps the boards to remain together.
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