How To Wire A Chandelier: Step By Step Guide Of Wiring A Chandelier

Step By Step Guide Of Wiring A Chandelier

Wiring a chandelier seems a little bit difficult task, but if the proper way is used then it is not a big deal, below the user will find out step by step guidance for wiring the chandelier. Go through all the steps carefully in order to achieve the desired result of your work:
  • First of all, turn off the power controller which powers the chandelier. Place a ladder in a way so that the chandelier is exactly in front of the user and not directly over the user. Take electrical tape and cut a piece from it to stick it on the arms which have the non-working lights, and then chandelier needs to be removed. Here the user needs the helping hand so that they can take the chandelier rather than holding it in the hands while trying to come down from the ladder. Take off all the bulbs of the light from the chandelier.
  • It totally depends on how it is wired, means the user can either see wires from each of the sockets that are combined in the canopy or grouped in the other part of the light, that is usually at the bottom. If in case the chandelier has two wires that are coming out from the top side, that time branch wires which are located at the bottom. Carefully take all the nuts out from the bottom cap, and the wires under it will be exposed.
  • Look for the arms which has the electrical tape placed on them. Exactly at the point at which the arm meets the junction box, look for the wires as well as remove them at the same time from the wire connectors. Do the same process with each of the arms that are not working. Loosen as well as at the same time remove out the socket from the defective arm. This depends on how the chandelier is made, to unscrew it simply loosen a nut or the user may need to loosen a set-screw that holds it together.
  • Lift out the socket and then pull out all of the wire. The screws at the terminal must be loosened on the socket and then remove the wires as well. Take a cord of the lamp and then pass it into the arm of the chandelier. From the portal of the socket insert it to the junction box. It is important to ensure that enough wire must come out in the junction box before the wire is cut.
  • Cut out the wire that is coming out from the socket end. Left the 6 inches of the wire which is coming out from the arm. Down in the middle, the user needs to split the lamp cord as there will be the 2 individual wires. With the help of the wire, strippers remove 3/4 of an inch from the insulation of each wire.
  • Now twist off the stripped wire as this will help it to keep them together as well as easily bend the wire in the shape of the hook. Around the terminals wrap up the exposed wire on the socket as well as tighten the screw. Until the socket is in the proper place keep pulling the wire in the box of the junction and then secure the socket to the seat.
  • From the junction box side separate the lamp cord and also with the help of the wire strippers remove some of the insulation. Now simply connect one of the wire with the group of the wires, simply connect one to the black wire and other with the white wires.
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