How To Whitewash Wood Paneling: 5 Easy Steps To Whitewash Dark Paneling

5 Easy Steps To Whitewash Dark Wood Paneling

The dark type of wood paneling will give a dull and dark look to your room. In order to avoid your room look dark and dull, you just need to whitewash this dark side of wood. In addition to whitewash, painting over the dark wood paneling is also a possibility. By using a whitewashing technique, it can brighten and update your room with less money and less effort than removing your unwanted dark wood pieces. Here are 5 quick and easy steps to whitewash your dark wood paneling. Follow each and every step carefully:
  1. Drop cloths: Firstly you need to lay down some drop cloths in order to protect your flooring or your furniture that may be dilapidated. You can also use a painter's tape to protect light fixtures or light switches that cannot be removed.
  2. Lightly Sand: Once done, now you need to lightly sand the wood paneling walls with the help of a steel wool or sandpaper(fine-grit) to get rid of any glossy finishes and give the wood paneling "tooth" so the whitewash solution will adhere better.
  3. Wipe Down: When you finished your sanding process of wood paneling then you need to wipe down the wood paneling walls with the help of a tack cloth or cleaning cloth(lightly moistened) to remove any sanding residue. You need to take good care with this step and be sure that the wood paneling walls are free of grit before starting the whitewash process for them .
  4. Pour: After following all the previous steps now you need to pour equal portions of off-white, flat latex paint, and water in a container which is perfectly suitable for paint. Stir well by using a paint stick until the ingredients mixed well. This off white, flat latex paint solution should be creamy but not runny.
  5. Paintbrush: Make this your final step, simply begin inside in an inconspicuous corner or closet of the room. Now, you need to use a painting sponge or paintbrush and then apply a light coat of your whitewash solution by following the grain pattern of the wood paneling. A sponge or a dry cloth may be needed to wipe down the streaks with it. This may take a few strokes to find the correct application method which will work best for you. Continue your work in small sections until your whitewashing process of dark wood paneling is complete.
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