How To Whitewash Furniture: Steps To Whitewash With Color, Chalk Paint & Without Sanding

Steps To Whitewash The Furniture with color

The best way to whitewash the old or new furniture is mentioned below:
  1. Remove Old Sealant: In case of the old furniture, begin with removing the old sealant, the best way is to use the chemical stripper.
  2. Wash: Then wash the furniture with vinegar and water. Mix the white vinegar with an equal amount of water and apply the mixture to the wood, this will remove all the dirt and stains.
  3. Sand The Furniture: Gently sand the furniture with a medium grit sandpaper, this will give the furniture an even texture.
  4. Wipe With A Clean Cloth: After the sanding process wipe the furniture with a clean cloth to remove all the sawdust.
  5. Primer: Then apply the primer this will help to attach whitewash strongly to the furniture.
  6. Whitewash Mixture: The user can purchase or make the homemade whitewash mixture, at the home, it can be made as mixing turpentine into an oil-based paint until the desired consistency is achieved. Whether the user buy the ready-made or homemade, it stir both well.
  7. Apply: Now apply the whitewash mixture to the furniture with a paintbrush foam roller or with a clean rag, it is better to work at one section at a time because it drys quickly than other paints, for the corners use the sponge to whitewash hard.
  8. Wipe The Whitewashed Area: Before the whitewashed area dries use a clean cloth to remove any excess paint from the surface, this process will help to make the wood grain more visible through the surface. If in any case the excess has already dried then use sandpaper to remove them.
  9. Additional Layers: Add the additional layer desired.
  10. Seal The Whitewashed Furniture: This is an optional process in which the user can apply a clear water-based sealant over the surface once it is completely dried. This will protect the whitewashed surface for a long time.

How To Whitewash Furniture With Chalk Paint without Sanding

The steps to whitewash the furniture with chalk paint without sanding are mentioned below:
  1. Paint The Base Coat: Begin with a base coat of the choice.
  2. Whitewash: Once the base coat is dried creat a whitewash solution, by mixing small amount of white chalk paint with some water into a clean container, and then mix well.
  3. Apply The Solution: Apply the mixture with a clean paint brush, work at small section at a time as it dries very quickly.
  4. Wipe: Then take a clean cloth and wipe the furniture in the same strokes.
  5. Finish: If the user wants to distress the furniture then its time to do that, then apply the top coat of either wax or polycrylic.
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