How To Whiten Marble That Has Yellowed: Easy Ways Of Whitening Yellow Marble

Easy Ways Of Whitening Marble That Has Yellowed

The marble is known for its impressive and shining quality but the surface of the marble is susceptible to the damage and stains as well. Most of the users are having the fear of using the soft and the hypersensitive stone in their kitchen areas as they are afraid of damaging it. However, users can easily protect the white surface of their marble by using the mild cleaning options that can enhance the beauty of marble. The users can easily whiten the marble that has yellowed by following the below-defined ways:

Everyday Cleaning

For the daily brightening and the whitening of the marble, the users need to use the soft sponge or the cloth dampened with the hot water so as to wipe down the marble surface. The users need to make sure to clean up the residue that can lead to the sluggish and the streaked finish. Once they rinsed down the marble surface, then wring out the water from the marble surface by using the dry sponge or cloth. Then wipe the marble surface so as to get rid of the leftover grime stains. The users can also use the chamois so as to entirely dry off the surface. In order to clean up the stains or the spills by using the nonabrasive cleaner and keep on drying off the surface and if in case they leave up the marble surface to air dry, it can result in leaving up the spots and can make the surface dull.

Stain Removal

The users are advised to fastly detach the stains within the surface of the marble as the marble is having the porous surface and that is why the liquid can get soaked up easily within the marble surface. The users are advised not to rub-down the stain as it can lead the spread of more stains and instead the users can dab up the stains by using the cotton swab or soft cloth as well. If the users leave up the stain unattended then it will seep within the marble surface that can lead to the permanent discoloration of the marble. The users can easily detach the common stains by using the hydrogen peroxide or the poultice powder. They need to mix up both of the ingredients so as to form the paste and then apply the mixed paste all over the stain. Then cover up the stain by using the plastic wrap and tape down the marble corners. Allow the paste to get dried off the paste and then wipe it down by using the microfiber cloth. It can even take 2 days to dry off the poultice and may also require to apply few more applications of the paste and few stains get disappeared with the time.

Tips And Tricks

In order to protect up the surface of the marble from the stains, watermarks, etches and the scratches, the users are advised to use the coasters and the trays with the felt lining. By using the citrus containing the cleaners or the alcohol can easily dull up the surface of the marble. The marble is extremely sensitive to the heat and that is why the users are advised to use the hot pad or the trivet. In some cases, even using the best cleaning materials can also leave the marble surface yellow or dull and that is why the users need to hire professional cleaners so as to attain good results.

Extra Shine

The users can buy the polish and then apply it over the entire surface of the marble. Some of the professionals also advise the users to use the marble wax but not over the white marble surface as this can lead to the discoloration of the white toned marble.
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