How To Whiten Cultured Marble: Three Easy Ways & Items Needed

Three Easy Ways & Items Needed To White The Cultured Marble

The cultured marble is mainly used for the vanities, sinks, as well as for countertops. Usually the deposition of the minerals or the soap scum can easily build up over the entire marble area and can cause the unpleasing impact over its appearance. The users can easily detach the minor stains or the build-up by using the rag and the vinegar as well. Use the hydrogen peroxide for detaching the heavy stains. The users can easily whiten the cultured marble at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined ways:

Materials Required

  • Clean Soft Rag, Cleaning Agent, Cup
  • Hydrogen Peroxide, Marble Polish, Rubber Gloves
  • Water, White Vinegar, Baking Soda
  • Vinegar, Ammonia, Hot Water
  • Bucket

Way I: Doing Daily Cleanup

  • Wet The Surface: Start by wetting up the countertop surface. The users need to run the damp cloth over the entire cultured marble surface so as to make it wet slightly. By doing so the users can forbid glaze damage that usually gives it the shine when they apply the cleaner or the soap. If in case the cultured marble surface is having the lingering water then they are advised not to add more water.
  • Add The Cleaner: Then add the cleaner or the mild soap to the entire surface of the marble. The users can also spray down the cleaner or the soap directly to the marble surface or they can wet the towel and then rub it over the marble surface. The users are advised to select the water-build cleaner that should have a neutral pH as this is the safe way to clean the marble without scratching or damaging the surface.
  • Wipe Down The Surface: Then the users need to wipe down the marble surface by using the soft rag. They need to rub the rag in the round motion while they are cleaning the cleaner or the soap. If required the users need to apply the cleaner or the soap over the marble surface and keep on wiping down the marble surface till it gets dried off completely. The users are advised to use the soft cloth so as to avoid the damage or scratches and never use any abrasive cloths or sponges.
  • Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals: The users are advised to avoid using the harsh chemicals that can cause a negative effect over the marble surface. Usually, the harsh chemicals can easily damage the marble glaze and will make it look dull. The chemical cleaners can also cause the scratches or the scuff marks over the marble surface.

Way II: Detaching The Mild Buildup And Stains

  • Damp The Rag: Start by dampening the rag with the white vinegar. The rag needs to be wet thoroughly but the unneeded vinegar should not get dipped or seep within the rag. The users can directly pour the vinegar over to the rag or sunk the rag into it. Then ooze out the excess vinegar accordingly and the vinegar is the ideal way for detaching the difficult stains or the soap scum.
  • Drape The Rag: Then they need to drape down the rag over the entire stained area and they need to be assured that their rag lay flat against those hard stains. Then let the rag to rest over the marble top for more than 2 hours.
  • Rinse The Area: The users then need to rinse the affected area by using cold water. Then detach the vinegar-soaked rag within the marble top and then pour down the water into the bucket. Then snuff out the affected area and then clean down the unneeded liquid by using the dry rag.
  • Treat The Other Stains: They can easily treat the rest of the stains by using the cleaning agent. The user needs to choose the cleaning agent that can work well with the marble surface. They need to be assured that they won't use the abrasive cleaners as that can cause the scratches or damage the marble finish. Mix the cleaning agent with the water and then apply it over the affected area. Then allow the solution to sit over the affected spot for a few hours.
  • Rinse The Solution: Then the users need to rinse the cleaning solution by using the clean water again. Then dry off the marble surface by using the soft rag so as to restore back its luster respectively.

Way III: Eliminating Heavy Stains

  • Treat The Dark Stains: Start by treating the dark-toned stains by using the hydrogen peroxide. The users need to soak down the rag with the hydrogen peroxide and then ooze out the unneeded solution out of rag over the sink. Then cover up the stains with this rag and allow the rag to sit over stains for a few hours. The users are advised not to use this solution if in case they are having the dark-toned marble as it can result in a lightening of the marble color.
  • Rinse The Area: Then rinse the area by using the cold water. They need to fill up the cup or the bucket with the cold water. Then use the soft rag so as to wipe down the remaining water and the dirtiness as well.
  • Mix The Cleaning Solution: Then they need to mix up the cleaning solution for the rest of the stains. Mix the baking soda, vinegar, ammonia, and the hot water in the bucket. Then stir the mixture with the spoon so that all the ingredients are perfectly mixed. If desired the users can also use the paint thinner or the alcohol so as to detach the stains.
  • Apply The Solution: Then apply the solution by using the rag. Then allow the solution to sit over the stains for near about ten minutes and then wipe down the liquid by using the soft rag.
  • Clean The Affected Area: Finally clean the affected area by using the water in the same way that they have described recently. Then wipe down the remaining water over the marble top by using the soft rag.
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