How To Weave A Chair Seat With Shaker Tape: 6 Easy Steps For Weaving

6 Easy Steps For Weaving A Chair With Shaker Tape

The shaker tape is actually woven on chair seats having rails, frame or even a dowel construction. Applying Shaker tape to a chair seat is very simple and to do it simply follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Begin: The first step is to bring the shaker tape under as well as around the back of right-hand corner and start weaving on the top of the seat and begin to weave across the seat from right to left direction. The pattern should be over one, under one, over one, under one, and so on.
  2. Pull: After weaving across the first row is completed, then pull the entire length of the second color through this row of weaving. The longest length of shaker tape is now at the left side of the chair. However, it's advised not to pull the first row too tightly.
  3. Second Color: Now its time to push the second color towards the back of the chair, so the row will lay straight across the seat, which is parallel to the back rung.
  4. Weave Underneath: Now in this step the user needs to turn the chair upside down to weave the underneath side of the chair seat. Use the same pattern of over one, under one, and begin weaving the first row underneath the chair and pull the length of tape at the same time check the tension. Set the chair in upright position and weave the second row across the top alternating one pattern. Now keep this row into place and push the shaker tape toward the back rung to make sure that this row is straight across the seat and should be close to the first row.
  5. Upside Down: Now turn the chair in upside down direction and begin weaving the second row across the seat. Stitch the folded end of first color with the second row having the several overlapping stitches to hold down the end securely.
  6. Final Couple Of Rows: On the final couple of rows the user will notice that the weaving is becoming tighter and more difficult. For that fold the end of the shaker tape into a point and then secure that point using a masking tape that will create a pocket at the tip. Now cut the end of the shaker tape before few inches beyond its last stitch.
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