How To Wax Furniture: Steps To Apply Wax On Chalk Painted Wood Furniture

What Are The Steps To Apply Wax On The Chalk Painted Wood Furniture?

For providing the extra durability and finish wax is applied on to the furniture. The steps for applying the wax on the furniture are given below:
  1. Seal The Furniture: First step is to seal the wood furniture. It is important that the furniture should have an existing coat of varnish, chalk paint, shellac, or polyurethane. Wax is applied to the existing finish as a protective layer for the furniture.
  2. Remove Dust: Remove all the dust particles from the wood furniture with a clean cloth before applying the wax.
  3. Paste Wax: Now put some chunks of paste wax on the microfiber cloth/cheesecloth and cover the cloth into the shape of a ball around the wax.
  4. Apply Thin Coat Of Paste Wax: Apply a thin coat of paste wax smoothly on the wood furniture with a clean cloth in a circular motion.
  5. Wait: Wait for 20 minutes and let the wax dry.
  6. Polish: When the wax dries completely polish the wood furniture with a soft cloth. It will give a shining look to the wooden furniture.
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