How To Waterproof Plywood Deck: 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps To Waterproof Plywood Deck

Below are mentioned some of the steps which the customer need to follow in order to make the deck plywood waterproof:
  1. Gather Material And Tools: Firstly the customer needs to collect all the tools and a material like waterproofing item, sawhorses, damp cloth, sandpaper, and brush that are required for waterproofing the plywood deck.
  2. Choose Waterproofing Item: Next step is to select an appropriate waterproofing material suitable for the deck plywood. Applying the waterproofing material deteriorates the deck plywood so subsequent coats need to be applied on the plywood. If the plywood deck is to be applied on the subsurface then oil-based waterproof can be used.
  3. Level The Plywood: Now place the plywood on the sawhorse so that waterproofing material can be easily applied on the plywood deck. It is recommended to apply waterproofing material on plywood in open-air as the material may evaporate fumes.
  4. Apply Waterproofing: Before waterproofing, the customer needs to clean the plywood deck with a wet cloth and make the surface smooth by sanding and clean the sanding residue from the plywood. Then apply waterproof material with the help of brush or rag.
  5. Flip The Plywood: Last step is to turn the plywood deck and apply waterproofing material to all edges and sides of the plywood deck.
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