How To Waterproof A Couch For Outdoors: 4 Easy Steps & Tips Of Waterproofing A Couch

4 Easy Steps And Tips Of Waterproofing A Couch For Outdoors

There is a creative approach that is combined with the weatherproofing solutions that will help to waterproof the furniture for outdoor use. The best and the easy way and tips for waterproofing a couch for outdoors are mentioned below:
  1. Apply Paint Stripper: With the help of a paintbrush apply a generous layer of the paint stripper to the couch. Leave the stripper for about 10 minutes on the couch. Scrape all the finish off using a scraper and with a stiff-bristled brush. After that sand the entire surface of the couch with a fine-grit sandpaper. Wipe down the sanding dust with the help of a tack cloth. Apply one coat of the primer and then allow it to dry completely before heading to the process. After that apply the exterior paint with a coat of sealant once the paint is dry.
  2. Apply A Sealant: In order to prevent the rot as well as mildew apply a sealant on bare wood. The sealant will help to create a waterproof barrier that will protect the wood. Either the sealant can be sprayed or simply painted on using a brush, and it will dry in about 8 hours. To make sure that the wood is properly sealed apply two or more coat.
  3. Waterproof Fabric: In this step the user needs to waterproof any fabric of the couch or replace it with the outdoor safe material. The waterproofer is usually available in the laundry aisle, that can be used in the washing machine, and will be set in the dryer. For added protection, it is a good option to spray a stain repellent on the cushions of the couch before recovering with the treated fabric.
  4. Waterproof Lacquer: It is advisable to use a waterproof lacquer for protecting the steel, copper, wood, as well as aluminum. It will not only help to protect against the rainfall but will also protect against wind, salt, and UV rays. Sealing the couch even if it is water-resistant can protect it from the rusting, rotting, peeling as well as flaking.

Important Tips

  • For most of the furniture fabrics, the user can use the same waterproofing method which is used for sailboat fabrics.
    It is important to check the couch fabric for rips before going for the waterproofing. If in case the covers have holes or tears then the waterproofing will not be effective.
  • The other important tip is to read the warning labels that are on the waterproofing sprays. This is because some of the products are best used only on certain types of fabrics and is best for certain types.
  • In case spraying the waterproofing product on a windy day, then it is important to wear safety goggles as well as clothes that will cover the user complete as this will help to prevent the spray from getting in the eyes or on the skin.
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