How To Wash Latex Foam Pillows: Step By Step Instructions Of Washing Latex Foam Pillows

Step By Step Instructions Of Washing Latex Foam Pillows

Selecting a bed pillow is one of the critical aspects when it comes to having a good & comfortable sleep at night without feeling any neck pain. There are mainly two types of pillows: latex foam and memory foam. Here we will discuss about the latex foam pillow & how to wash it once it gets dirty. Latex pillow is a kind of pillow that can be affected with stains easily. Therefore, it is hugely recommended to wrap them with pillow cases, most probably the ones with zippers in order to safeguard them from dust as well as body oil. These types of pillows are considered hypoallergenic and greatly resistant to mildew as well as dust mites. Care and maintenance instruction manuals are attached to every latex pillow that you purchase. When washing latex foam pillows, first of all, you need to gather the required items for the washing process & then go through the step by step instructions carefully:

Items Needed

  • Large Sink Or Tub
  • Small Bowl
  • White Cloths
  • Vacuum
  • High-Efficiency Gentle Detergent
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Baking Soda

Step By Step Instructions

Before going to the washing procedure, you need to remember few important points:
  • Not to wash latex pillows using washing machines and dryers.
  • Neither rinse these pillows in water nor reveal it to direct sunlight.
  • Only hand wash these pillows and never wring, stretch, or twist them.

Now, go through the below mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:
  1. Select The Best Time To Wash: The best time to wash your latex foam pillows is a breezy, warm day in order to quicken the drying, due to the reason that they cannot be put down in a clothes dryer. Washing and drying process will take at least 24 hours if in case you are drying the pillows inside or you are only spot-cleaning the pillow.
  2. Mix A Washing Solution: In order to deep clean a latex foam pillow, it needs to be hand washed. Mix a lukewarm water and a dab of a gentle detergent in a large sink or bathtub. One teaspoon of detergent per gallon of water is enough to make a washing solution.
  3. Add The Pillow: After that, entirely soak up the pillow in the above made washing solution and press it firmly in order to move the cleaning solution along the foam for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse The Pillow: Run off the soapy water and fill up the sink with fresh water. Squeeze the foam smoothly in order to get rid of the suds. Unload and refill the sink many times with clean water as long as suds disappear entirely. Smoothly squeeze the foam to eliminate the water, but make sure do not wring as wringing can break the foam.
  5. Dry The Pillow: Air dry the pillow on an even, smooth & ventilated surface away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not use a clothes dryer due to the reason that the high heat can be very harmful and cause the foam to crumble. In order to speed up the drying process, use a portable fan to transmit air. Pillow can take nearly 24 hours to dry entirely, but it is totally dependent on the thickness of the foam.
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