How To Wash Down Pillows: Three Easy Methods & Items Needed

Three Easy Methods & Items Needed To Wash Down Pillows

Down Pillows, also famously known as the feather pillows, are a kind of pillow usually made from the products of animals. These kinds of pillows are very soft but need to be taken care of by regularly washing or cleaning it. If you want to wash your down pillow yourself then you just need some items and then follow the suitable methods according to your need.

Things You Will Need

  1. Washing Machine
  2. Mild Laundry Detergent
  3. Oxygenated Bleach (Optional)
  4. Bathtub
  5. Water

Method 1: Using The Washing Machine

  • If you have pillow protector on your down pillows, then you need to get rid of it first and then wash it individually. You can consistently wash the cover if it's made of cotton. If your cover is made up of exquisite material such as silk then you will want to run it through with a separate & delicate wash.
  • Now set the washing machine in a delicate cycle mode. Set the washing machine to your woolen or on the delicate setting. Choose cold or warm water to avert any pillow shrinkage. Use the high spin speed to remove as much moisture as you can out of your pillow.
  • Then you need to add a mild detergent to your machine. In the top-loading machine then add a cup (236.58) of the laundry detergent to your machine and then run your cycle for 30 seconds because this will allow your detergent and water to mix it all together before you put the down pillows in it. If you are using a front-load machine then you need to pour a cup (236.58 ml) of laundry detergent into the detergent dispenser.
  • After that, use a washing machine and place pillows in it. If you have a top-loading machine then press down on your pillows and get the pillows fully saturated with the clean water. If you are using a front loading machine them you have to place the pillows in your machine before you start the cycle.
  • Now close the lid and then run the cycle. Close the door & allow the washer to run through the cycle. If the laundry machine only has a single rinse cycle available, run it through with two full washes to make sure that all of your detergents are rinsed from your pillow.
  • Then press extra water out from your pillows because once the cycle is completed your down pillows will be saturated with water.
  • Finally dry your pillows in the dryer using 2 tennis balls. Set the dryer to the tumble setting without using heat. Tennis balls will help to fluff the down pillows while they dry. If the down pillows are not dry by the end of the cycle then you need to run another dryer cycle until they dry wholly.

Method 2: Washing The Pillow By Hand

  • Firstly, you need to remove your pillow protector before starting to wash your pillow. Slip your pillow out or unzip the protector to reveal your down pillow.
  • Then put warm water in a bathtub. Run the water until it becomes warm and then plug up your drain. If the bathtub is not available then you can also use a plastic bin or a sink that has large enough space for the pillow.
  • Now you need to use a mild detergent(pH neutral) with water. Dump a cup (236.58ml) of detergent into the warm water. Mix it with the water altogether until suds start to form.
  • Then you need to dip and rub the pillow in the water. Simply inundate the pillows under the warm water and then start to rub it in the soap. Go on to shake and rub your pillow until the soap seeps into it. Get your down pillow fully supersaturated & soapy. Carry on agitating & scrub stained or dirty areas of your pillow.
  • Now you need to rinse your pillow under your faucet. Just be sure that your pillow is completely free from detergent before drying your pillows.
  • Then you need to press on your pillow to avoid any moisture. Simply press down your pillow by using a terry cloth to soak up the remaining moisture. Never ring your pillows because it can damage the feathers of your pillows.
  • Next you need to hang your pillow to let it air dry. Hang your pillow on a hook or on a clothesline & allow the pillows to dry. The hairdryer can speed up your drying process.

Method 3: Maintaining Down Pillows

  • Simply fluff the pillows, in the morning, turn your pillow over & fluff your pillow because this will help the pillows retain in their original shape & will also remove any dirt or dust from it.
  • Next, you also need to use a protective cover for your pillows because the pillow cover will help protect the down pillow from any oils, dirt and dust mites. If you use this cover over the down pillows frequently then you don't have to clean them regularly.
  • You also need to air the pillows out usually in every few months. On a clear & sunny day, you need to place your pillows on a table or on a clothesline outside. Fluff your pillows & then turn over after 1 hour because this will remove musty smells from the down pillows and will also help to dry out any moisture from it.
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