How To Wash Couch Cushions Foam: Steps To Clean

Steps to Wash/Clean Couch Cushions Foam

Foam is a washable substance and if the couch cushions are made of foam, the user can wash them by following the below-given steps:
  1. Remove Covers:
    The first step will be to remove fabric covers from all the couch cushions. The user can also unzip the covers of couch pillows if they are foam filled.
  2. Wet Couch Cushions:
    After that, the user needs to place unzipped couch cushions in a bathtub and wet them with warm water by using a spray hose. It has been recommended by the experts to saturate the foam cushions so that anything present in them will be hosed down.
  3. Clean The Couch Foam:
    The next step will be to clean the couch foam with mild detergent. It has been recommended by the experts to use ordinary dish soap because it leaves a very pleasant smell behind and also cleans the foam really well. The user needs to apply dish soap on to each couch cushion and also give each piece of cushion a good sudsing.
  4. Rinse The Cushions:
    After that, the user needs to remove soap suds from the couch cushions for which he has to rinse the cushions well with a spray hose. It has been recommended by the experts to rinse as well as squeeze the couch cushions until each piece of the cushion will be free of suds. Once the couch cushions are rinsed, the user needs to squeeze them afterward until the couch cushions release the excess water.
  5. Dry The Cushions:
    The next step will be to dry the slightly damp cushions by placing them out in sunlight. It has been recommended to place the cushions on a flat clean surface so that the cushions don't get dirty again. In case, the weather conditions outside are not warm, the user needs to place the foam cushions inside in a warm area and lay them flat until they dry completely.
  6. Replace Fabric Covers:
    Once the foam cushions are completely dry, the user needs to replace the fabric covers afterward. The process can be repeated whenever necessary.
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