How To Wash A Wool Rug In Washing Machine: Step By Step Guide Of Washing A Wool Rug

Step By Step Guide Of Washing A Wool Rug In Washing Machine

The wool rug will help to soften the hard tile and wood as well as also impart color to space. Besides all that the wool rug also absorbs dirt, and allergens. Regular washing of the rug will help to prevent the grime from getting in the fibers, a basic cause for the stains, and will also eliminate the common cause for the allergy sufferers. In order, to prevent the discoloration as well as shrinkage read the care label that is on the back of the rug. Step by step guide for washing a wool rug in the washing machine are mentioned below:

Step 1: Safe Washing

  1. The machine-washable wool rugs need more care than the typical laundry, such as towels or sheets.
  2. Start the job by simply vacuuming or shaking out the wool rug to remove all the excess dirt, and then set the machine at the most delicate cycle option available.
  3. After the above step is done then add a half of the detergent that is typically used for the same size load. Even if the wool rug is the only item, keep the highest water setting, it is important to give the rug plenty of room to move around.
  4. Arrange the rug evenly inside the drum of the machine. If the wool rug feels very delicate to the touch or has the loose weave, then keep it inside of the mesh laundry bag first. Keep the washer to run an extra rinse cycle, this will help in ensuring that all the traces of the detergent are properly whisked away.

Step 2: Shrink-Resistant Drying

  • Occasionally, the user will run across a rug that indicates the rug can be dried in the dryer. But the rugs last longer, retaining their shape as well as the color if they are hung up to dry.
  • Hang the wool rug on the clothesline, but keep it away from the direct sunlight, or place it over the back of a chair indoors. The direct sunlight will naturally bleach most of the fabrics.
  • If the above step is not possible, then utilize the air-only setting on the dryer to remove any of the excess moisture. For the wool large rugs or the one that can easily be stretch, position them on a flat surface to dry, but do not just let it sit on the same side, instead flip it after every few hours, this will help it to dry quickly and evenly. This will also decrease the drying time, preventing the development of the mold as well as of the mildew.
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