How To Use Table Runners And Placemats: Different Ways To Use Table Runners

Different Ways To Use Table Runner

Table runners are a process of making an ordinary table look elegant & attractive & this process is considered an effective way of organizing & dressing a table at your homes. The best thing about the table runners is that it comes in various designs, colors, sizes & materials. The table runners can easily be used in several ways and on different types of furniture. The table runners can be extensively used with dining tables & in addition, it can also be used with the following types of tables:
  • Patio Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • End Tables
  • Bedside Tables
  • Sofa Tables
  • Hall Tables

The table runners can also be used with different shaped tables including the following:
  • Round Tables
  • Oval Tables
  • Rectangular Tables
  • Square Tables

Way 1: Placed Lengthwise

The most effective way of using your table runner is by placing your runner at the center of your table & running it lengthwise. This will also offer an ideal guide or path in order to keep numerous centerpieces in the line. The table runner can also be used to protect your table's surface from the candle moisture, heat, food dripping, wax drippings, and any type of other debris caused by centerpieces, decor, or serveware.

Way 2: Placed Across The Table

You can also use slenderly circumscribed & the momentary table runners placed across your table in front of each chair. The table runners can also serve as placemats and can be easily used with the lengthwise runner or without it. For the purpose of separating each place setting on large tables, table runners can also be used in that situation.

Way 3: Using Runners With Other Table Linens

Placemats can also be used with the table runners in the same fabric, colors, textures, and patterns that accompaniment with each other. The option of whether or not to comprise a tablecloth will totally depend on how ceremonial the setting is. It will also depend on the type of your table, such as whether or not your tabletop itself contains decorative elements such as inlaid tile.

Way 4: Runners Used On Other Furniture

By using shorter table runners, it can be easily wrapped over a nightstand or end of the table for a splash of color & texture. You can also use table runners with several furniture types like dresser, buffet, vanity table, etc. You need to use a table runner in order to protect the kind of furniture that is particularly made of glass. You can also use one on a glass display case, console or coffee table when you want to display the knick-knacks that might scratch your table surface.
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