How To Use Shark Steam Mop Hardwood Floors: 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps To Use Shark Steam Mop On Hardwood Floors

In order to use shark steam mop on hardwood floors, the user needs to follow the steps given below:
  1. Sweep Or Vacuum: Before using the shark steam mop it is best to Sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor that will help to remove any loose debris. It is important to remove the loose debris as it can get caught up by the steam mop and eventually will damage it.
  2. Prepare: The next step is to Prepare the mop, use the new laundered cleaning pad onto the bottom of the unit. After that fill the water reservoir of the Shark Steam Mop with distilled water, fill the water to the mentioned line of level and then simply plug the Shark steam mop into an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  3. Indicator: After it is plugged in than wait for its indicator light to illuminate. When it starts to illuminate this means it's hot enough to produce the steam.
  4. Test: If in case the user is using the Shark Steam Mop on the Hardwood Floors first time then it's very important to test it on the hidden area for any negative effect if it does not have any negative effect then proceed the process with even strokes. Shark Steam Mop automatically emits the steam when the user moves it forward, and picks up all the dirt as it slides backward.
  5. Unplug: Now the next step is to unplug the Shark Steam Mop and let it cool once the surface is cleaned, then remove the cleaning pad and wash it in the washing machine with the help of the warm water.
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