How To Use Murphy Oil Soap On Wood Floors: Steps

How To Use Murphy Oil Soap On Wood Floors

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily use the Murphy Oil soap on wood floors:
  1. Make A Mixture: Firstly the customers need to mix a one-fourth cup of the Murphy oil soap with warm water in a large bucket and then the customers have to use the mop or the sponge in order to stir the solution completely.
  2. Immerse The Mop: The customers then need to immerse the mop in the soap solution and squeeze out all the leftover water and then mop the hardwood floor and let the hardwood floor to dry completely.
  3. Clean The Wood Floor: The Customers then have to clean the hardwood floor by using the clean water but the customers have to Keep the water to a minimum level.
  4. Use The Oil To The Stained Area: The Customers can also use the Murphy Oil Soap to remove the stains that are caused by the left by pens, pets, and crayons as well. The Customers then have to use the Murphy oil soap to the damp cloth and rub it vigorously all over the stained area.
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