How To Upholster Corners With Vinyl: Steps To Upholster

Steps To Upholster Corners With Vinyl

The material required for upholstering corners with vinyl includes vinyl, staple gun, a heat gun or blow dryer, and scissors. The steps are mentioned below for upholstering the corners:
  1. Start By Heating The Vinyl: The first step is to put the vinyl piece on the table with the wrong side facing upwards. Turn on the heat gun and allow it to heat up, then apply heat on the vinyl. Due to heating the vinyl becomes flexible and can be easily placed around the corners.
  2. Heat One Corner: Next step is to apply heat to vinyl at one corner until the vinyl becomes hot. Then turn the correct side of vinyl upwards and place the vinyl at the corner. Extend the vinyl from sides and bottom, if the vinyl does not extend then again apply heat.
  3. Staple The Vinyl: Next step is to place the vinyl at the appropriate corner and extend the vinyl in order to insert the staple. To avoid the vinyl coming close to each other small folds are created around the corners.
  4. Inspect The Work: Now check whether the vinyl is placed properly at the corners. If there occurs any crease then take away the staple and make the vinyl flat so that another staple can be inserted.
  5. Repeat The Process: The customers need to repeat the entire process as mentioned above for other remaining corners.
  6. Trim The Vinyl: Last step is to trim away the extra vinyl from the corners with the help of scissors.
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