How To Upholster A Coffee Table: Step By Step Procedure Of Upholstering A Coffee Table

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Upholstering A Coffee Table

Usually, the coffee tables are available in different styles and patterns. The coffee table is made up of the top, apron, and the legs, and most of the coffee tables are upholstered. It is quite easy to upholster the coffee table only if the users use the right tools and the right techniques. The users can easily upholster the coffee tables at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Coffee Table, Faux Fur, Foam
  • Batting Or Other Liner, Hot Glue Gun
  • Nails, X-Acto Knife, Allen Wrench

Step By Step Procedure

  • Calculate And Choose The Fabric: Start by calculating the table and then choose the pretty textured fabric.
  • Detach The Base: Then the users need to extend the blanket over the surface of the floor so as to cover up the tabletop and then rotate the table. Then unfasten the top of the table and then detach the base.
  • Lay Out The Batting: Now spread out the fur towards its face downwards and then position the foam on to its top. Then place the batting at the foam top in order to work as the layers in between the top of the table and the foam. This is used to preserve the tabletop if ever the users want to detach the fur and want to use the coffee table in its actual position.
  • Cut The Fabric: Then the users need to cut the fur so as to make it fit perfectly with the table. In order to trim down the faux fur, the users need to create the small-sized trim and then rip down the fabric and by this, they won't unravel. If in case the faux fur still sheds then the users require to use the glue line by using the glue gun on the trimmed fabric corner.
  • Glue The Batting: Next the users require to use their glue gun so as to glue down the batting within the below tabletop side. If in case the users are having the table where they cannot detach the base then they need to use the staple in order to affix it with the fabric and the batting beneath the top of the table.
  • Place The Nails: Then stick down the nail within the batting and within the pre-existing holes so as to mark down where actually they want their screws to go. Then the users need to detach the nails within the batting and then lift tightly the fabric and then glue it down over the batting top. Then they need to lift up the nails within the holes and then leave it until it won't connect up the base. Then they need to fold up the edges like in a way they are wrapping and then glue it accordingly. The user needs to repeat the same procedure all around the surface of the tabletop.
  • Punch Down The Holes For The Screws: The moment fabric fastened, allow the glue to get dried. Then detach the nails and then make the big hole within the fabric by using the knife. Then poke up the screw within the fabric and the batting so as to make it fit perfectly.
  • Re-affix The Base: Finally, the users need to re-affix the base with the tabletop by using the wrench. Then they need to rotate the table and decorate it.
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