How To Upholster A Bench With Storage: Easy Steps & Items Required

Easy Steps & Items Required To Upholster A Bench With Storage

If the users are having the upholstered bench that is old and is worn out then they can easily make their bench look new by reupholstering it with the high-grade fabric. The users can easily re-upholster the storage bench at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-given steps:

Items Required

  • Screwdriver
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Batting
  • Scissors
  • Staple Gun


  • Select The Fabric: Start by selecting the fabric that looks beautiful as well as sturdy. It is important that the new fabric should be sturdy so that it will not show any signs of normal wear and tear after using it regularly. The users can purchase their new fabric at any online store or at their nearby fabric stores at reasonable rates. If the users are looking for the good discount then they are advised to buy the remnant as it will give the users enough fabric so as to cover up the entire bench surface and they can also craft some accent pillows as well.
  • Detach The Pre-existing Cushions: Then they need to detach the pre-existing upholstery from the entire surface of the bench by locating the screws and then unfastening them. Then they need to part away from the pre-existing foam cushions in the place till it is not having the bad condition. If the users found out that the cushions of the foam also need the replacement then they need to buy the new one and then trim it as per the bench size.
  • Trim The Fabric: Then the users need to calculate the size dimensions of the bench and then trim down the fabric as per the calculated measurements so as to make the fabric get fitted properly with the bench. Then they need to place the batting over the top surface of the trimmed new fabric. It is a great idea of using the batting as it makes the old cushion pattern to show through and then set the pre-existing cushion of the bench over the new fabric and then trim it accordingly and they also need to leave near about 3 inches at the edges.
  • Staple Down The Fabric: Then they need to staple down the fabric and to do so they need to start from folding up the fabric on one side at the seat corner and then staple the fabric at the central area. Then fold the fabric at the opposite side and then pull it tightly and staple it as well in the central area. The users need to repeat the same process on all sides. Once all the central points are stapled down they need to staple down the corners as well and they also need to alternate from one side to another so as to make sure that the fabric is placed in the straight line and this will also make the fabric to have the right fit as well. The users are advised to pleat the edges before stapling it down.
  • Finish Up The Process: The users need to finish up their job by trimming down the unneeded fabric from the bench seat base and then affixing it with the bench by using the fabric glue and the sharp-edged scissors respectively.
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