How To Upholster A Bench Corner: Step By Step Guide Of Upholstering A Bench Corner

Step By Step Guide Of Upholstering A Bench Corner

As reupholstering the cushions of the bench, the users will also find themselves wrapping up the edges with the fabric. By the proper wrapping and that too without having the wrinkles and the postures at the edges will create the special effect. This kind of process entirely depends on the position of the corners and the users need to carefully recover their cushion in a way that their re-upholstering process will look pleasing for many upcoming years. The users can easily upholster the bench corner at home by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step I: Starting The Task

  • Trim Down The Fabric: Start by trimming down the fabric for the upholstery so as to make it fit perfectly with the stuffed seat cushion. The user needs to trim down the fabric to near about three inches long on all of its sides.
  • Position The Trimmed Fabric: Then the users need to position their trimmed fabric over the work table towards its wrong side facing upwards and then middle down the cushion towards the upside downwards over the surface of the fabric.
  • Spread The Fabric: After that, the users need to spread the fabric all on the cushion backmost side on the side corners as well. Then they need to staple down the fabric with the cushion by using a staple gun. Then staple down the fabric edges with the cushion side edges. The user need to stop at two inches from each edge.

Step II: Upholstering The Inner Corner

  • Make The Diagonal Trims: Start by making the diagonal trim within the fabric corner towards the inner cushion corner and stop at the one inch from the surface of the cushion.
  • Make The 2 Diagonal Trims: Then the users need to make the 2 diagonal trim one by two inch large from the initial cut so as to finish up the Y shaped trim within the fabric. By this, the user will make the fabric flap within the edge so as to cover up the edge perfectly. The user needs to repeat this Y trim on the other edges as well.
  • Lift Up The Y Flap: The user then needs to lift up the Y shaped flap all over to the edge and then staple it fastly. Then they need to lift each fabric corner on the corner side all over to the cushion of the seat and then staple it down to the cushion backside. Then they need to repeat the same technique with the other corners and this process will easily cover up the inner edge perfectly.

Step III: Upholstering The Outer Corner

  • Position The Fabric: Start by positioning the fabric to the outer edge in a way that the fabric will come out of the edge where they have stapled down the fabric with the cushion backside.
  • Trim The Fabric: Then the users need to trim off the fabric to near about one inch near to the outer edge. The trim will be off the forty- five degree and then detach the triangle-shaped fabric edge.
  • Spread The Fabric: Then they need to expand the rest of the fabric on the trimmed corner all over to the edge and then staple it perfectly.
  • Wrap Down The Corner: Next the users need to wrap down the one side corner over to the stapled corner and then lift it perfectly all over to the edge and then staple it perfectly.
  • Wrap Down The Remaining Edges: Finally, wrap down the leftover edge all over to existing stapled side and then lift it tightly so as to make up the edge neat. Then staple down the fabric securely.
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