How To Update Kitchen Island: 2 Easy Methods

2 Easy Methods To Update Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen island can easily set the tone for your entire room. Sanding, priming, & painting the kitchen island can give it an amazing & pleasing look. You can also add some interesting features such as a new decorative posts, counter top or a baseboard trim. If you want to refinish or update your kitchen island then we are here to help you, simply follow the 2 given methods to finish your task without wasting your precious time. Here are the 2 methods with all the steps:

Method 1: Painting The Kitchen Island

  • Sand all the sides of your kitchen island in order to get rid of any shiny surfaces from it. Remember paint will look better on the kitchen island if you sand the sides first. Slowly rub the surface of each side with the help of a fine sanding block by moving in small circles. Wear a face mask while performing this process to avert inhaling the wood particles.
  • Once done now add a coat of high quality primer with the help of small paint rollers. Pour the primer into your paint roller tray. Apply this primer to a small paint roller. Slowly coat each side of your kitchen island with primer in smooth and vertical motions. Let this primer dry for at least 3-4 hours.
  • Paint your kitchen island to match or contrast with the rest of kitchen. You can also update your kitchen island to make it fit into the rest of your kitchen decor or to stand out as an central point of your room. Use interior enamel paint because this will give your kitchen island a long lasting finish that is easy to clean.
  • Finally you need to apply paint by using a small paint roller with the same vertical movements that you used before while apply the primer.

Method 2: Applying New Accents

Here are the 4 easy steps for the 2nd method:
  • In order to apply new accents on your kitchen cabinets you need to have a new counter top. Replacing your old kitchen island's counter top is the most conspicuous way to update it but can be labor-intensive. Choose from concrete, wood, granite, or laminate as the material for your new counter top. Remove your old counter top carefully in order to keep the base of your kitchen island intact.
  • Bead board is thin wood sheeting that impersonate the look of narrow vertical wood planks. Add the bead board to the sides of kitchen island. To add this effect, simply measure each side of your kitchen island and then cut this bead board to size by using the table, circular, or jig saw. Apply adhesive(heavy duty construction) to the back of the bead board and then press it unwaveringly onto the sides of your kitchen island.
  • Add half newel posts to the edges of your kitchen island. Measure the kitchen island & cut the posts to size by using a jigsaw. Apply adhesive(heavy duty construction) to the back of the posts & press them to the outer edges of the sides of your kitchen island
  • Now add the baseboard trim around the bottom. You need to purchase 4 long pieces of wide, primed baseboard from your local hardware store to fit the bottom of the kitchen island. Use a miter saw to cut one end of each of your baseboard at a 0 degree angle & the other end at a 45 degree angle. Dry fit the pieces to be sure that they interlock properly & glue the baseboard onto your kitchen island with heavy duty construction glue.
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