How To Unstick Wooden Drawers: 5 Easy Steps To Fix Sticky Wood Drawers

General Overview

The wood drawer is a kind of furniture item that is used to store some useful items. The life span of the wooden dresser drawer is near about 50 years if you take proper care of it. The box-shaped container which fits into the piece of wooden furniture in order that it can be drawn out horizontally is also known as drawers. Drawers are commonly made of numerous types of furniture and usually have two handles attached in the front face of the drawers which enables the drawers to come out easily. There are many types of drawer slides, such as ball-bearing drawers slides, center-mounted slides, under-mounted slides, European slides, etc. You can see that after a short span of time the drawers will get stuck, it is because of the swelling of the wood. When you see that the drawers start to swell, it will change its shape and become large for the dresser or cabinets. You have to apply a power-pulling to get the wooden drawers unstuck.

5 Easy Steps To Fix Sticky Wood Drawers

If you want to unstick or get rid of the sticky wooden drawers, then you need to follow all the given steps to perform this task:
  1. First of all, you have to use the strong force and pull the drawers when you see just a few inches of the drawer comes out, it will help you to get it to unstick.
  2. Now, connect a light bulb before you start using an extension cord. Now place it inside the drawer of your cabinet.
  3. Take the light bulb and then place it inside the drawer that is above or below the stuck drawer, if you are unable to get it then you have to open even the few inches.
  4. Now you have to use your extension cord, plug it into the electric outlet, to make your light bulb glow in the drawer. Now you have to keep this bulb inside the drawer for about 15-20 minutes. You will see that the heat produced in the drawer with the help of the bulb decreases the swelling of the drawers that cause it to stuck.
  5. This is your final step of this project, now after 15-20 minutes you have to remove the light bulb and you have to pull out the drawer. Shake your drawer rapidly from side to side to lose it.
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