How To Tighten Sofa Springs: Steps To Fix Broken, Recliner, Zigzag, Squeaky Sofa Springs

With the time Sofa tends to lose its springs and result in uncomfort seating. One of the best ways to deal with it is to respire it. The respiring does not require any special tools rather can be fixed using simple tools and proper procedure.

How To Fix The Broken Sofa Springs?

Steps to fix the broken sofa spring are mentioned below:
1.Remove Fabric: The fabric on the bottom of the sofa needs to be removed from the staples. This can be done using pliers.
2.Check: Analyze the springs properly if they are compressed. Take the measurements of the springs in order to exchange them with the new spring of same dimensions.
3.Pliers: Use pliers to pull out the broken springs.
4.Replace: Once the old springs are removed they need to be replaced with the new springs. New springs should be placed in using the sturdy piece of string.
5.Replace Fabric: The Bottom fabric of the sofa must be replaced using a staple gun.


Simple steps to tighten or fix the recliner springs are mentioned below:
1.Adjustable Wrench: Start with de-attaching the bolts using an adjustable wrench.
2.Remove Spring: Remove the springs and place them in the right side facing up direction.
3.Footrest Bolts: De-attach the footrest bolts with the help of the wrench.
4.New Recliner Spring: Attach new recliner springs to the footrest and tighten it using wrench again.
5.Recliner Frame: New spring needs to be attached with the recliner frame. The bolts are required to fix firmly.
6.Turn Recliner: Now turn the recliner and check if it is working properly by sitting on it.


Follow the mentioned steps to fix Squeaky Couch/ sofa:
1.Turn the Couch/ Sofa: The couch needs to be turned upside down to separate the three sides in order to repair the bottom.
2.Screws/ Bolts: Properly tighten all the visible bolts and screws with a wrench.
3.Rub Wax: Properly rub the wood frame areas that are attached with other wood areas with the Wax Bar or candle to reduce the Squeaky or noise.
4.Silicon Lubricant: The mechanical parts of the sofa needs to be sprayed with Silicon lubricant.
5.Zigzag Springs: Make sure to spray the silicone lubricant to zigzag springs and its clips to eliminate the noise.
6.Check: Check the sofa/ couch by sitting on it for the Squeaky/ noise.


Steps to fix or tighten the sinuous springs are mentioned below:
1.Remove beneath Fabric of the Sofa: Turn the sofa in upside direction and remove the fabric under it to reach the springs.
2.Locate: Check for the damaged Sinuous spring. The damaged or broken spring will come either from front to back or will run in the right to left direction.
3.Remove Broken Spring: Finely start de-attaching the screws from the bolts that hold the spring. Once the screws are de-attached remove the spring.
4.New Spring: Replace old springs with the new ones and tighten the screws again.
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