How To Tie Dye Curtains: Step By Step Process Of Tie-Dyeing Curtains

Tie-dyeing is usually a process that mostly consists of folding, twisting, gathering, or wrinkling fabric as well as binding with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dyes. Tie-dying is mostly associated with T-shirts, but you can also make your bedroom attractively colorful with the help of cotton sheets, pillowcases as well as curtains tie-dyed in your favorite color combination. You can vary the designs according to your choice, make spirals on the curtains, and watery plaid-like patterns on the sheets. Duvet or comforter cover can also be made by stitching together a tie dyed and a plain sheet across 3 sides, then putting on snaps or buttons and buttonholes across the open fourth side. Select bolder colors and patterns, or add modern sophistication with colors that matches with your walls and furniture.

Step By Step Process Of Tie-dyeing Curtains

In order to make your bedroom look attractive, tie-dyeing your curtains is one of the first things that will make your dream come true. Curtain give good impression to your guests if they are attractive & appealing. Tie-dyeing your curtains is a very easy process which you can perform yourself by simply going through the below-mentioned steps carefully:
  1. Soak You Curtain In Water: The first and the foremost step is to soak up your shower curtain in water and squeeze it out in order to make sure that it is just damp. Doing this will be very helpful for the fabric in absorbing the dye easily. At this point in time, you have to also choose the design of the tie dye. One of the best designs that is recommended include the crinkle effect due to the reason that you only need to gather up the fabric by pinching in.
  2. Apply Dye: The next step is to simply apply the dye. But make sure not to apply huge quantity of dye because doing so will make it difficult for you to see the pattern in your product. However, you also need to be mindful of not to use the dye in very less quantity as well. This means you have to neither use huge quantity nor very less quantity of dye.
  3. Fold The Curtain: Due to the fact that the shower curtains are having more than average width, it is possible that you will get two curtains out of it. Simply fold your curtain in half & at the same time make sure that the top is across the top and not across the side. After that, trim the folded line.
  4. Use Fabric Adhesive Tape: In order to get a firm, dry, and brittle seem, use Aleene's Permanent Fabric Adhesive Tape to the back along the edge. After using this type of adhesive tape, there is no need to sew the fabric.
  5. Professional Finish: Finally, you need to fold over the seem as straight as possible in order to give your curtains a professional finish. At the end of this process, you will have two curtains instead of one.
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