How To Test A Fluorescent Light Fixture: Proper Procedure Of Voltage Testing For Fluorescent Fixtures

Proper Procedure Of Voltage Testing For Fluorescent Fixtures

Fluorescent fixture is a kind of lighting bulb that will help you in enhancing the décor of your house, and also helps you save a lot of money, due to the reason that they are cheaper to operate in comparison to the incandescent light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs use a gas as well as electricity when it comes to creating illumination, on the other hand, a regular bulb uses heat, which amounts more to power. The amount of lighting in the fluorescent bulb is controlled by a ballast that is secured or attached to the fixture. If in case your fluorescent fixture is not working properly, then you can use a multimeter, also known as a volt ohm meter, in order to check the fixture's voltage to establish or ascertain if the problem is the ballast or another component.

Things You'll Need

  • Multimeter
  • Screwdriver


  • Switch Off The Power To The Circuit
    First of all, switch off the power to the circuit that powers the fluorescent fixture. It is important that electrical power is flowing normally to the fixture, which can be done by examining the circuits in your electrical service panel.
  • Remove The Fluorescent Light Bulb From The Fixture
    Now, pull out the fluorescent light bulb from the fixture, which is held in place by tombstones, facilitating the transfer of electricity to the bulb. Turn the bulb counterclockwise before carefully lifting it from the fixture. Position the bulb aside in a safe place.
  • Detach The Cover That Protects The Ballast
    Detach the cover that safeguards the ballast. Generally, the cover is secured using screws. Some colored wires are opened up that connect the ballast to the fixture. Blue or yellow color indicate power and white indicate neutral.
  • Put The Setting On The Multimeter To Ohms
    Keep the setting on the multimeter to "Ohms." Tap one probe to the white wire and the other to a colored wire. The meter will exhibit or set forth a direct short or continuity. If no reading is displayed, then there is an issue with the ballast. Replace it as soon as you possibly can.
  • Test The Wires Securing The Tombstones To The Fixture
    Test the wires securing the tombstones to the fixture before removing tombstone off the fixture. In some fixtures, they are secured or attached with screws. Tap the probes to the power and neutral wire. If there is no reading, the issue is with the tombstone wires. Check the wires in order to make sure that they are secure. Reattach all the components of the fixture as soon as you finish testing.
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