How To Temporarily Shorten Curtains: 5 Easy Ways Of Shortening The Curtains Temporarily

5 Easy Ways Of Shortening The Curtains Temporarily

Sometimes the curtain that is purchased may not be of the right length for the window, so altering or shortening it with a sewing machine can be a best option. There are a number of ways to shorten the curtains temporarily without the hemming, or the hem is the decorative thing, and the user does not like to lose this design element. Five easy ways of shortening the curtain temporarily are as follows:

Way 1: Move The Rod

One of the best ways of decreasing the length of the curtains without the need for hemming is by moving the curtain rod. Normally the rod is placed at the one-third of the distance from the ceiling as well as the window frame's top, but if the curtains are mounted higher, then this will help to increase the original size of the window, as well as will help to create the illusion that shows the walls are much taller. Mounting the curtains to the height of the ceiling will help to shorten the curtains.

Way 2: Tie Them Back

Install a tieback, as well as the excess curtain, must be bloused on the tie that will make a swagged effect. If in case there is a lot of the excess curtain, that time the user needs to secure 2 tiebacks from each of the sides and this will make a double swag. This will work best with the stationary panels. However, this option is not good for the curtains that are opened as well as closed frequently.

Way 3: Fuse Or Glue

Create the number of horizontal pleats in the curtains as well as fasten them in their place with the help of the glue that is used for the fabric. Place the curtains on the flat surface like on the table keeping the right side up. Across the panel of the curtain try to create one or more pleats, after that simply pin the pleats in the place & then iron all the pleats. Remove the pins as well as turn the curtain from the other side. Now apply the fabric glue, evenly drizzle the glue on the pleat as well as leave it to dry completely according to the directions of the manufacturer.

Way 4: Pinch & Pickup

The other option is to simply pinch the face of the curtain at the top and then lift up the pinched section to the rod of the curtain. Secure the pinch with the top with the help of a tag gun that is equipped with the short tags, or the clip having a curtain ring or the clip. For instance, add the curtain rings with the clips in-between the curtain rings which are existing, to the one ring clip up the curtain, now clip a pinch with the next ring, continuing the process across the curtain.

Way 5: Fake A Valance

In this option the top of the curtain needs to be folded in a forward-folding pleat, this will create a self-valance, and also secure the curtain with the rod with the help of the clips and the rings. For instance, take the excess length and divide it into three. Draw a line from all across the front of the curtain to the top edge at the point of each third of the total length that is excess. Fold the curtain, from the wrong sides, along with the 2/3 line, and press the fold. Again on the one-third line fold the curtain, this will match with the three-thirds line. Finally, clip up the curtain to the rings on the fold.
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