How To Tell If My Shower Is Fiberglass Or Acrylic: Similarities & Differences Between Fiberglass & Acrylic

Information, Similarities, And Differences Between Fiberglass & Acrylic Bathtubs

If you don't know about the material of your bathtub, whether it is fiberglass or acrylic then don't worry we will give you all the general information, differences, and similarities between the fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs. Here are some of the information, differences, and similarities between both the types of tubs:

Acrylic Bathtubs

The acrylic tubs are colored sheets of the clear plastic which is reinforced with layers of the fiberglass. The acrylic tubs are marginally more extravagant due to the construction process. They are also lightweight, very durable & require less maintenance, unlike the other materials. Acrylic is most generally used to form seats, headrests, whirlpool jets, & other molding details for the tubs. The acrylic bathtubs are very easy to install & have a lifespan of 10-15 years. American Standard is proud to offer acrylic bathtubs for the customers because of their quality & endurance.

Fiberglass Bathtubs

FRP, or the fiberglass reinforced plastic, is made from layers of tiny interwoven glass strings heated together to fit in a desired shape or mold. Then, it’s molded, shaped & sprayed with the help of a resin gel coat. It’s one of the most affordable materials for tubs & one of the access to install. The super-lightweight material tub is most generally used in two-story homes because there is no increased support needed betwixt your bathtub and your floor. The lifespan of fiberglass tub is near about 10-15 years.

Similarities Between Acrylic And Fiberglass Tubs

Here is a list of the few similarities betwixt the acrylic and fiberglass tubs:
  1. Both tubs are fiberglass-based with a shiny finish.
  2. Fiberglass, as well as acrylic tubs, are very easy to install due to their lightweight materials.
  3. Both these types of tubs are inexpensive and won’t break your budget.
  4. Both tubs can be frequently found at any home improvement store.
  5. The simple cleaner can be used to clean & maintain both acrylic & fiberglass.

Differences Between Acrylic And Fiberglass Tubs

Even though they’re similar, there are some differences between acrylic and fiberglass. Here are some key differences between the two:
  1. When you are going to choose an acrylic tub, you can also choose betwixt a variety of colors, textures, or fixtures.
  2. Due to all of these customization features and the way acrylic is manufactured, it can also make these tubs more expensive as compared to fiberglass tub. The acrylic material is also heated plastic stretched over a mold. Fiberglass is a type of material that is sprayed with a gel coat mixture over a mold. This means that your acrylic process is more hands-on & not as manufactured.
  3. Acrylic material is exceptionally durable and the probability of this material chipping, cracking, or fading is also rare. The fiberglass tubs can instantaneously fade and cracks and the scratch happen often.
  4. Both tubs can be cleaned with the help of simple cleaning solutions. However, if the fiberglass is not cleaned well, the tub will stain, absorb water & create mold or mildew.
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